Waging War

I feel the rage inside of me

When he tasted death he weakly gave into an alternative. Now he has a vendetta and a bloodlust to eradicate the earth of wrongdoers. He is a hunter, an immortal agent of the Reaper, who wanders the earth to destroy.

He lost his humanity long ago and now one of his targets caused him to feel again. He remembers her again, the reason he cheated death. At night he’s hideous and in the day he’s a mindless agent bent on killing. What can he do?

Join us as you experience the gritty, immortal underworld battle on earth and follow Seamus on his ride with the dark side.


I feel the fire and rage inside of me. I am haunted of the targets he’s given me. I know if I close my eyes to rest for a moment that I’ll see them. It’s better to kill if it’s just instantaneous. It’s worse if I have to track them down across the world. Like a serial killer. This is the war we’ve been waging behind the eyes of society. Since the beginning. Since before the first man walked. The archangel protects and we are the bane of his existence. We serve the arcdevil