Light and Dark

she Is the bridge of Light and dark. Maybe she can restore balance.

In the Land of Colors the Light and Dark nations have controlled the lands for centuries. As the armies continue to fight back and forth, the rulers romance and play with their people like pawns.

The Gray people have been third for too long. When they learn that the Light and Dark have orchestrated the wars and borders, they want vengeance. The Grays have concocted a way to transform. The tech is rare and expensive. They send in loyal Grays to infiltrate both the Light and Dark. But they didn’t account for their own spies to want to remain Light and Dark forever as they become caught up in a web of lies and deceit with nations tied in the web.

Each color has their own ability that some of their people are born. The dark can control the night and the light can control the day. The Gray can crumble the ground and the Red can control fire as the Blue control water. The transformation the spies went through allow them to control multiple powers and now they’re the most sought after free agents if they let go of their allegiance to the Grays. Would money, fame, or love push them over the edge?